Where to find field 52630 and 52670?

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2020-03-09 16:11

Field 52630 was code 5263, and field 52670 was code 5267 in prior-2019 version of myTaxExpress software.

Field 52630 and 52670 are both part of spouse net income. They are needed when the tax payer (not the spouse) is a new immigrant (so tax payer has an entry date on page 1 of T1) in the tax year. Field 52630 is spouse's net income after tax payer's entry date; Field 52670 is spouse's net income before tax payer's entry date.

You can find field 52630 and 52670 when you click spouse net income field on page 1 of T1. See this screenshot

spouse net income

 Last and most important, please make sure the following:

Field 52630 + Field 52670 must EQUAL to field 23600 (spouse net income in same dialog)

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