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introduction to mytaxexpress files

There are 3 type of files used in myTaxExpress. They are all related to personal tax returns, but for different purposes.

  • The most important are .rxx files, the tax return file opened/saved by myTaxExpress. From .rxx file, you can create the other 2 type of files. The xx represents the tax year the return file is made for; e.g. .r12 is for 2012, .r09 is for 2009.
  • .tax file, is the netfile which CRA needs from you. .tax file only has a subset of information you entered into myTaxExpress return file.
  • .pdf file, is the printable tax return file. .pdf file is opened by adobe acrobat reader or foxit reader. You can choose to print some or all pages from the .pdf files.


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