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Canadian Personal/Corporate Tax Software
Internet Hosting Service    

Internet is an important part to run business in these days. With a dedicated email address and website, you will have a 24x7 representation and contact to your clients.

We are pleased to provide Web hosting service for your tax/accounting business practice or other business/family/group/organization activities. You will have your own email address like or to contact customer, and your own website or which represents you 24x7.

Online Credit Card Payment 
note: If you are using a Visa Debit card, please choose Paypal payment method.
First name
Last name
Credit Card Number (only digits, no spaces)
CVV2 (What's this?)
Card Expiry Date /
Email address
Email Address Again
Please choose a province or specify in state box
Or State
Postal Code

Choose the service option: (prices are tax included)
Choice A: 1-year <your_name>.com ( web/email service (doesn't include domain registration and web content), CAD $24.00
Choice B: 1-year <your_name>.com (or .ca) domain registration*, CAD $16.00
Choice C: Choice A + Choice B, CAD $40.00
Choice D: Choice A + Web Contact Form like ours, CAD $34.00
Choice E: Choice A + Choice B + Web Contact Form like ours, CAD $50.00
* Choice B - domain registration fee is not refundable once the domain is registered with Internet Authority.

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