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myTaxExpress NETFILE 2017 software download

If you are tax professional and register with CRA as EFiler, please switch to EFILE software. If you are preparing tax returns for yourself, family or friends, use this software download.

CRA certified version, released on Aug. 09, 2018
Platform File Size Download Link Note
Windows (and for Linux Wine) 17MB Unzip and run the unzipped file to install myTaxExpress.
taxexp17.exe Download and install myTaxExpress. If you cannot run the setup program, you can use next download option.
For Windows Vista, or XP, if the two download options above don't work
Windows Vista and/or its older version don't recognize the latest code signing certificate.
Mac (Intel CPU only) 70MB Install and run from Applications folder after download, Unzip into Application folder, then run T2Express directly. Read the following two links about Mac Setup.
For Mac OS Sierra, please read this link first.
For Mac OS, overcome the error of unidentified software developer.

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