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myTaxExpress NETFILE Restriction
  • Supports returns for all provinces and territories but Quebec.
  • Doesn't support T1273 for Harmonized AgriStability and AgriInvest Farming Program Information

myTaxExpress 2022 NETFILE is certified by CRA. The certified version is available on download page. Please check myTaxExpress certification status from CRA web site.

NETFILE is an easy-to-use, convenient option for filing your personal tax return. It streamlines the tax-filing process and offers the following benefits:
  • secure and confidential;
  • faster refunds (in as quick as eight business days);
  • greater accuracy (with the use of software, we don't re-key the information and there is less chance of errors);
  • no paper return to mail;
  • no receipts to send in, unless CRA asks for them at a later date;
For tax year 2022, the NETFILE transmission service opens on February 20, 2023.

myTaxExpress, started from tax year 2002, has been certified for NETFILE by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for tax year from 2002 to 2022.

Limit of 20 returns
From tax year 2007, CRA requires all NETFILE software can only prepare a maximum of 20 returns for NETFILE or Print per software installation per computer.

However, this limit doesn't apply to myTaxExpress EFILE software. One good thing is that myTaxExpress EFILE and NETFILE software are working exactly the same way, they process the same format .r0x tax return file. Another advantage of EFILE is that you don't need tax payer's NETFILE access code any more, and the procedure of submitting EFILE is in a similar way of submitting NETFILE.

If you use NETFILE software to prepare other people's tax return before, We strongly suggest you switch to myTaxExpress EFILE software. So you won't be affected by the new limitation of 20 returns. To use EFILE software, you need to register with CRA to get EFiler ID and password. You apply once and then you can renew the EFiler ID every year. You can apply it online from CRA EFiler website

We can assist you switching from myTaxExpress NETFILE software to myTaxExpress EFILE software. myTaxExpress EFILE software is operated almost the same as Netfile software. You can also import previous years' tax return files (prepared by Netfile software) to EFile software. So the transition is a smooth process.

If you prepare other people's tax returns, you should use myTaxExpress EFILE version.

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