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T2Express version 2013.2

Overview   [Interested in other versions]
  • It covers tax year start from Jan. 1, 2011, to tax year end of Apr. 30, 2014.
  • T2 Corporate Internet Filing (CIF) is certified by CRA.
  • T2 Bar Code Print (BCR) is certified by CRA.
  • T2 Bar Code Print (BCR) can prepare an amended return.
  • Print function generats printable .pdf files, including GIFI schedules.
  • Alberta AT1 is NOT supported in this release.
  • You can try to download/use the software before payment.
How to use T2Express software
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Download v2013.2 License Price for v2013.2 (prices are tax included.)
  • Starting price is $39.99 for 1-return license
  • $199.99 for unlimited return license. If your total payment for one installation reaches $199.99, we will issue unlimited return license to you.
  • The license price is per installation.
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Refund Policy
A refund may NOT be granted if license key is retrieved or issued to customer. Refund cost may apply to cover credit card processing.

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