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Canadian Personal/Corporate Tax Software

T2Express version 2019.2

Overview   [Interested in other versions]
  • It covers tax year start from Jan. 1, 2017, to tax year end of Oct. 31, 2020.
  • T106/T1134/T1135 can be EFiled online..
  • Alberta AT1 RSI print and Netfile is certified.
  • T2 Corporate Internet Filing (CIF) is certified by CRA.
  • T2 Bar Code Print (BCR) is certified by CRA.
  • Amended T2 return (Request For Re-Assessment) can be filed by CIF and BCR.
  • Print function generats printable .pdf files, including GIFI schedules.
  • You can download/use the software before payment.
T2Express Print Sample 
How to use T2Express software
Check out this FAQ Link

Download version 2019.2, CRA Certified
Platform File Size Download Link Note
Windows (and for Linux Wine) 20MB Unzip and run the unzipped file to install T2Express.
t2express19_2x.exe Download and install T2Express. If you cannot run the setup program, you can choose next download option.
Linux, Native 64-bit AMD/Intel build 100MB T2Express_v2019.2-x86_64.AppImage Change file attribute to make it runnable after download. Wine is NOT needed
Mac (Intel-CPU only) 80MB Catalina is supported. It will replace the old Mac software in time. Cor file filing and print are enabled. More changes are coming. t2express_20192.pkg Run downloaded file to setup T2Express, and allow access to Documents folder.
For Mac OS, overcome the error of unidentified software developer.
Mac (Intel-CPU only) 85MB This is old software for Mac, it will be replaced soon. Unzip into Application folder, then run T2Express directly. Read the following two links about Mac Setup.
For Mac OS Sierra, please read this link first.
For Mac OS, overcome the error of unidentified software developer.

License Price for v2019.2 (prices are tax included.)
  • Starting price is $39.99 for 1-return license
  • If you should file AT1 (Alberta AT1) return, you need 2-return license for every corporation. One is for federal T2, the other is for Alberta AT1 Netfile/RSI Print.
  • For n-return license, the cost is $29.99 + (n x $10)
  • $199.99 for unlimited return license. If your total payment for one installation reaches $199.99, we will issue unlimited return license to you.
  • The license price is per installation.
Purchase License Online   

Privacy Policy
We will NOT disclose/sell customer information to any third party.
Refund Policy
A refund may NOT be granted if license key is retrieved or issued to customer. Refund cost may apply to cover credit card processing.

Online Credit Card Payment
note: If you are using a Visa Debit card, please use Paypal payment method inside.

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