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T1013, RC59, etc
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myTaxExpress 2018 Other Version Download links

Print-only version

Note: Please use regular EFile software for this purpose. EFile software can generate tax return print as well. If you don't have an EFiler ID, use 'A1234'.

Multiple Jurisdiction (MJ), and Non-Resident including S216/S217, Deemed Resident

Note: Multiple Jurisdiction return is needed when tax payer has self-employment business/farm/fish activity outside of the tax province for the tax year. Form T2203 must be entered in tax return to determine multiple provincial tax/credit involved.

The first two-return return license costs $6.99 each, tax included. Each additional return license costs $4.99, tax included. You can make a payment using last option on this page.

Under CRA certification, MJ version, released on Mar. 31, 2019
Platform File Size Download Link Note
Windows (and for Linux Wine) 17MB taxexp18_special.exe NetFile version, for yourself, family and friends.
taxexp18_efile_special.exe EFile version, you have CRA EFiler ID and password.
Mac (Intel CPU only) 70MB Contact us Download and move to Applications folder, then run the program, read this FAQ link

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