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FormExpress 2021, New software for T1044/T1135 Corp/T1135 Trust/T3010/T1013/RC59

Please click this link for details about FormExpress 2021.
Note: A valid EFiler ID/Password is required.

The only unlimited T1013 option now is with myTaxexpress 2021 EFile software. For 3 unlimited installations, the price is $219.64, tax included.

FormExpress doesn't limit software installation, it uses Internet-paid points to file Auth a Rep. (T1013), and RC59 etc.

Non-Resident Return, including S216/S217, Deemed Resident

Multiple Jurisdiction (MJ) is NOT supported for tax year 2021. Multiple Jurisdiction return is needed when tax payer has self-employment business/farm/fish activity outside of the tax province for the tax year. Form T2203 must be entered in tax return to determine multiple provincial tax/credit involved.

Each non-resident return license costs $6.99 each, tax included. You can make a payment using last option on this page.

For Non-Resident/S216/S217 version
Platform File Size Download Link Note
Windows (and for Linux Wine) 40MB mytaxexpress21_x32_special.exe Paper Filing Only, CRA doesn't allow Internet Filing.
Mac 80MB mytaxexpress2021n_special.pkg Download and run pkg file, it will setup mytaxexpress inside Application, read this FAQ link
Linux 100MB mytaxexpress2021_netfile_special-x86_64.AppImage make file executable, and run it directly

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