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Refund Policy
A refund may NOT be granted if license key is retrieved or issued to customer. Refund cost may apply to cover credit card processing. Check out our Terms of Service page.

- T2/AT1/T1135 are counted as separate filings, each needs a new 1-return license.
- For RC59/RC59X/T106 Filing, please use FormExpress instead.

License Price (prices are tax included)

Payment with Bank Debit Card

Email Money Transfer

Email to:
Note: Payment will be auto-deposited, please email us including a phone number for contact (or cell number for text).

Interac Transfer Request

Note: We can initiate an Interac Transfer Request to your email. You can pay by debit card directly from your online banking.

Payment with Credit Card online  

Please choose the T2Express version and license option: (prices are tax included)

1. Purchase T2Express version:

2. license option, tax included:
1-return license, CAD $39.99 2-return license, CAD $49.99
3-return license, CAD $59.99 4-return license, CAD $69.99
5-return license, CAD $79.99 6-return license, CAD $89.99
7-return license, CAD $99.99 8-return license, CAD $109.99
9-return license, CAD $119.99 10-return license, CAD $129.99
11-return license, CAD $139.99 12-return license, CAD $149.99
13-return license, CAD $159.99 14-return license, CAD $169.99
15-return license, CAD $179.99 16-return license, CAD $189.99
unlimited license, CAD $199.99  

Please choose a T2Express software version first.

note: If you are using a Visa Debit card, you may need to use Paypal payment option; or
let us email you an Interac Transfer Request to debit your bank card.
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  Text to us if not receving license email.
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