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News & Notices

  • myTaxExpress 2021 EFile and Netfile certified versions are released. New
  • NetFile/EFile starts on Feb. 21, 2022.
  • New T1013 software is need on Feb 8, 2022.
  • Contact us for tax slips online filing service.
  • Send a text to us if email contact fails.

E-Signature/E-Deliver/Tax Filing Report Integration

Need E-Signature for T183/T1013 or other forms? Newer myTaxExpress/T2Express software integrates with E-Sign service so you can get an E-Signature from your clients remotely. Read more...

Need E-Signature from clients?

Want to deliver printable tax return file (a pdf file) to a client? Newer myTaxExpress/T2Express software integrates with E-Deliver Service, a password protected document delivery service with automatic notification. Read more...

Send printable return file to clients

Check what returns you've filed in myTaxExpress/T2Express? Try 'Enable filing report to' option so you can track filing records including name, filing date, status, confirmation code or any filing message for returns later. Read more...

Tax Filing Report